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The Winter Garden

In winter, the house nestles into the landscape, huddled against the wind.  The evergreens and boxwoods provide some welcome greenery. Most years, the cabbages and pansies are still vibrant well into January, dots of color in the grey landscape.

The winter containers, which I fill with magnolia leaves and evergreen boughs each November, are illuminated with LED lights all season long to bring a much-needed glow to the views outside. I also set up a brightly-lit Christmas tree outside to pierce the darkness. 

The thought of thousands of tulips sleeping underground helps me power through this season.  The moment when I see the hellebores wake up, and the crocuses and snowdrops rise from the cold winter ground is a great one.   

04_Winter_Cosy Front Door_C_IMG_9203.jpeg

Experience the Garden in Winter

01_Winter_Front of House_C_IMG_0036.jpeg

Winter in the Garden 

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