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A Garden that Spans Seasons

Creating a garden that shines throughout the seasons is one of gardening's great challenges. Many flowers, such as tulips (a signature plant in my garden) bloom once and then fade during the season, leaving unsightly foliage and a blank spot in the design. Compounding the challenge is the fact that adjustments take a long time.  After all, once you add plantings to fill a pause or close a gap, you have to wait a whole year to see if your "fix" will do the job. 

I've worked hard to plan this garden to ensure there is a succession of interest during the growing season.  Now, as one flower fades, another is usually waiting in the wings to take over, enabling the garden to transition smoothly from one season to the next. 

13_H_Arbor Looking to Kitchen Window Spring_C_IMG_8001.jpeg


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