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The Summer Garden

As spring drifts into summer, roses, iris, peonies, baptisia and salvia all bloom in unison, taking over when the tulip foliage begins to fade.  Just when I think the garden can't get more beautiful, our clematis, 'Dr Ruppel' and 'Bees' Jubilee', drape the arbor with their gorgeous blooms, a dreamy moment captured in the picture below. 

01_Sum_Dreamy Clematis Shot_C_IMG_3140 (1).jpeg

Experience the East Garden in Summer

09_Sum_Looking to the Gate Stargazers and Daylillies_C_IMG_4239_edited.jpg

Summer in the East Garden 

Take a Closer Look

Experience the South Garden in Summer

12_Sum_Back of House Zoomed out_C_IMG_2047.jpeg

Summer in the South Garden 

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