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The Spring Garden

Spring starts slowly with the snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and muscari- and then builds to a crescendo as thousands of gorgeous tulips burst into bloom like a piece of living art.  


When the tulips bloom, the first thing I do each morning is to pull the window shades aside to peek out. Seeing the garden completely transformed by their pastel colors is like waking up on Christmas morning to discover that a blanket of snow has fallen outside.

Our tulip display transforms our garden into a living Monet painting for weeks and feeds my soul all year long. For me, there is no better reward after weeks of fall planting and a long, grey winter than to experience our garden in spring. 

04a_H_High View to Garage with Tulips _C_IMG_8105.jpeg

Experience the East Garden in Spring

01_S_Archway to Gate_C_ IMG_7605.jpeg

Spring in the East Garden 

Take a Closer Look

Experience the South Garden in Spring

21_S_Entire Back of House_C_IMG_8356.jpeg

Spring in the South Garden 

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