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Before and After

The garden bursts with color in fall, with tones that seem richer and more intense in the low, slanting light.  At this time of year, the roses, clematis and some iris rebloom.  Late season plants such as 'Montauk' daisies and Japanese anemones bloom for the first time, overlapping with the still-blooming hardy hibiscus, echinacea and the hydrangeas.  


By the time fall comes I'm grateful for the hard work that annuals do in the garden.  The dahlias, zinnias and annual salvias smolder with color and become the stars of the show. Fall vegetables and herbs also play a role in the garden at this time, especially cabbages and basil which I usually blend into the herbaceous borders.   

08_Fall_Light Falling on East Garden_C_IMG_2502.jpeg

Experience the Garden in Fall

03_Fall_Dogwood Tree_IMG_5911.jpeg

Fall in the Garden 

Take a Look Up Close

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